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Faces of Color

On Upcoming Carnivals Editions & Hosts

Saturday, October 4, 2008


2 0 0 8

  • October - IBARW Annual Special Edition via Oyceter

  • Novemberish - No one's volunteered

  • Decemberish - Delux Vivens @ DBW "Men of Colour in Speculative Fictions"

2 0 0 9


Random Notes:

I'd like if those with mirrored journals also mirrored the Carnival to get as many people involved as possible.

I'd also be thrilled if those with google accounts considered "following the blog" via Blogger's new feature. I'm always surprised to be contacted out of the blue because while I love this project, I know as a little starter awareness will be small for a while.

I'd put in a widget but the blog's style isn't new blogger and I've yet to find a new blogger style I don't hate. If you're css and blog template minded and would like to help, please email or comment.

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