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Faces of Color

Issue #10

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Much belated due to moving and general spaciness I wasn't online to publicize the 10th PoC SF Carnival graciously hosted by Karnuthia @ LJ.

Short but sweet and satisfying, this Carnival focused on PoC In YA Fiction.

Two bits that stand out in particular are Saskaia's wonderful piece about Twilight character Jacob Black: "Could Have Been More Than A Metaphor" that was picked up for discussion in the blog American Indians In Children's Literature.

And then there's Oyceter, a voracious reader of POC literature, and her huge list of works with details and recommendations of fiction involving PoC or written by PoC in Young Adult Lit.

If you missed the Carnival this time because you were looking for this post - my apologies. But go take a look now! :)

And don't forget we're always looking for new hosts. Please contact me.


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