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Faces of Color

PoC in SF Carnival - IBARW Special Edition

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Like last year, this year has a Special Edition Carnival devoted to recapping International Blog Against Racism Week, started by Oyceter @ Livejournal.

The issue notes a generalized percentage of 50% POC participation this year. As someone also involved in bringing awareness that there are POC and POC issues online, in geekdom and specifically SFdom, those numbers are heartening.

Oycter notes she needs better outreach to Latin@s and that her goal for next year is more input from non-Western, non-American participants to get their points of view. And it's a reminder to me that I should keep up Faces of Colour as a visual reminder that the people involved in creating and promoting Speculative Fiction come from all countries, skin colours, ethnicities and cultures.

Go and check it out. I'm sure there are things missed during the week back in August. I know I still have some tabs bookmarked to get back to and I saw a few links I'd missed entirely.

The next Carnival will be hosted in December by Delux_Vivens @ DeadBroWalking. The theme "Men of Colour in Speculative Fictions.". There's more than enough time for you to write something and submit for the carnival with a link via her livejournal address or to my email for me to forward it.

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On Upcoming Carnivals Editions & Hosts

Saturday, October 4, 2008


2 0 0 8

  • October - IBARW Annual Special Edition via Oyceter

  • Novemberish - No one's volunteered

  • Decemberish - Delux Vivens @ DBW "Men of Colour in Speculative Fictions"

2 0 0 9


Random Notes:

I'd like if those with mirrored journals also mirrored the Carnival to get as many people involved as possible.

I'd also be thrilled if those with google accounts considered "following the blog" via Blogger's new feature. I'm always surprised to be contacted out of the blue because while I love this project, I know as a little starter awareness will be small for a while.

I'd put in a widget but the blog's style isn't new blogger and I've yet to find a new blogger style I don't hate. If you're css and blog template minded and would like to help, please email or comment.

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