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Faces of Color

Issue #11

Thursday, July 3, 2008

POC In Sci-Fi Carnival #11 - The Eye Of The Beholder

‘Human beings fear difference,’ Lilith had told him once. ‘Oankali crave difference. Humans persecute their different ones, yet they need them to give themselves definition and status.'
-- Octavia Butler's Xenoginis - Adulthood Rites, P80-81

Hosted on Livejournal by Abydosangel, the 11th Carnival focuses on things the media uses to demonstrate or mark characters and environments as Alien or Other that to POC are common place and everyday. How what makes us, us becomes alien culture, or signs of alien being and self. Making our cultural signifiers all about "a stranger in a strange land."

This 11th Carnival has a different format than usual. Discussion is open now in comments and the main entry will be edited to show submitted links (which can be added via comment or emailed to the host). The deadline for submitting links found online or links to your own thoughts in an essay format is JULY 18th 2008.

I admit to finding it an unusual format, but one I think works for this Carnival's theme and topic. This Carnival is about PoC discussing this othering in the genre and for Allies to discuss how they absorbed these perceptions, or began to see past them, or need help realizing them.

Please go look, read Abydosangel's thoughts, think and SAY SOMETHING.


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