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Faces of Color

Viacom: In Ur Protest, Trying To Hide It

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Viacom has sent Zazzle a cease and desist and it has pulled the Racebending.Com merchandise from its offerings.

More information and image files of the correspondence here @glockgal on livejournal. But apparently it's a violation of copyright to use even the word Aang.

Below is the c/p of letter I tried to send to Viacom via this form. But it's 8:13pm EST, April 28th and I can't find a send button. UPDATE: It appears to have been my browser being resoundingly weird.

Go here for the complete timeline of Viacom/Paramount Pictures Racist Fail.

More of my thoughts a Seeking Avalon


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Carnival of Merit

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Asian Woman Carnival is live @Yennenga (a community on livejournal).

Despite the mental break I've been taking from things like this - I'm devouring it. I've only gone through maybe a quarter of it so far, but there's powerful stuff there - things to make you think about yourself, about life, about other people, about invisibility. Good stuff. A really good Carnival. An amazing first Carnival issue.

Go read.


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