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Faces of Color

What Do I Do As A Host?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

As I hunt through the net to find hosts for the Carnival, I get asked this question a lot. I finally found myself giving an answer today that seemed sufficient to put in a separate post.

Hosting the People of Colour in Scifi & Fantasy Carnival, at the root consists of just two things; finding / collecting links to articles and hosting said links on your journal. That is hosting at the most basic level.

In broader terms, adding layers of conception, the host of the Carnival usually thinks of a theme for the Carnival. Prior themes have been: PoC YA Literature, Sankofa in Space and the IBARW Special Edition (hosted by Oyceter). Feel free to check out the archive here that lists links to prior Carnivals.

Next the host solicits essays and entries (art, drawings, poetry, etc) by promoting the upcoming Carnival. People can submit links to pieces they think are relevant and the Host also looks for relevant articles online.

Finally there's the write up. I prefer that the hosted Carnival be in the form of an essay with commentary about the links and what they lead to / what the articles say and how it all meshes with the theme of the Carnival itself. But my main interest is in getting as many people as possible thinking about PoC in SciFi / Fantasy Settings; making them aware that there is an on going conversation and inviting them to participate.

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